The Gamma Tau chapter of Psi Upsilon

Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship

J-Board Policy

When Brothers ask J-Board for permission to go on Personal Leave, they are asking for relief from the full responsibilities of brotherhood. To retain a significant number of the privileges of Active brothers, we ask they they continue to contribute to the chapter.

Brothers who wish to be on Personal Leave who are not living in Atlanta or who are working outside the city should be granted Personal Leave. These brothers have the option of being Inactive if they do not wish to pay dues to International.

These questions (or something similar) should be used as a way to guide discussion on a request for Personal Leave:
1. What are your concerns about being active?
2. How are you willing to stay involved with the chapter? What aspects of brotherhood are most important to you?
3. How can we or others help you with your concerns?
4. Who would you like to be your Brother’s Keeper?
5. Are you willing and able to pay your dues to International?
6. If you’ve been on Personal Leave before, how were you involved during that semester?

Brothers on Personal Leave are required to pay their dues to International as described in Article 2, section 2, Law 6, paragraph 1.1-1.3:
1. BROTHERS on PERSONAL LEAVE must pay the portion of Chapter dues that constitute International dues.
2. A BROTHER may instead negotiate a payment plan with the Treasurer to pay dues by the end of the semester.
3. A BROTHER may petition the Brotherhood to split their dues evenly amongst the rest of the ACTIVES for one semester. Such a motion requires UNANIMOUS approval.

If the Brother is willing to stay involved, and does not have a history of failing to remain involved while on Personal Leave, J-Board should allow that brother to be on Personal Leave. The Brother’s method of involvement while on previous Personal Leave does not necessarily have to match the plan they made for that semester, provided that the Brother was significantly involved. Brothers who do not intend to remain involved or show a history of failing to remain involved while on Personal Leave should be Inactive. Whether Personal Leave is granted or the Brother chooses to be Inactive, a Brother’s Keeper should be chosen by the J-Board as soon as possible.

It is a good idea to make a preliminary plan for how that Brother plans to participate in the chapter for the coming semester. If the brother doesn’t have strong preferences for how to be involved, as a baseline we suggest something like: 1 philanthropy event with the brotherhood, 2 FHCs, and attending Initiation.
Other suggestions for how to be involved:

For a Brother on Personal Leave, the Brother’s Keeper is responsible for checking up on the Brother and making sure that they are either following their plan or otherwise staying involved with the chapter. If possible, the Brother’s Keeper should attempt to resolve (with the help of J-Board and others, where appropriate) any issues preventing a Brother who is Inactive or on Personal Leave from becoming Active again.