The Gamma Tau chapter of Psi Upsilon

Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship

Natalie Moise


Natz, Maverick

Major and Graduation Year:

Biology, 2016

Super Move:

Battle Orca Brigade

About Me:

Not so long ago, in a town not so far from here, a young woman came into being. In her veins flowed blood sprung from the mountains of Romania, land of vampires and really great novels about wolves. She undertook her pilgrimage to Georgia Tech to pursue her fascination with life of the aquatic persuasion, and may or may not be plotting to raise an army of trained cephalopods and mantis shrimp for reasons. Despite driving a hearse-ish thing and having a natural aversion to sunlight, Natalie is not your average nightwalker. Instead of blood, her sustenance is video gaming, sci-fi/fantasy novels, Law & Order SVU, and Vortex cheddar balls. Dragons and other beasts live in her mind and occasionally make appearances on paper. She loves rock, metal, and electronica, with a particular affinity for bands from Scandinavia. And she’s quite friendly, she promises!

Who is your archnemesis?

Food, sunlight, and balloons

In the event of a zombie apocalypse: a) Weapon? b) Location? c) Music? d) Time?

a) Several mantis shrimp and a pack of Humboldt squid
b) Some coastline somewhere
c) Battle for Light – Amorphis
d) Midnight