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Kelsey Ruckert


Biomedical Engineering

Graduation year:


Super Move

Channel Slacking

About me:

She’s a sophomore biomedical engineering student interested in neuroscience, neuroengineering and other fascinating things! She loves reading, drawing, watching TED talks or movies and playing videogames, though when it comes to creative exploits she is often bad at finishing them and/or put them on the back burner since they’re more personal, frivolous endeavors. She thinks she might end up in research and development if she doesn’t end up going to medical school but this year’s classes will help her out with regards to figuring out what she wants to do. She prefers consoles to PC gaming, likes some anime and loves Miyazaki films. She’s always trying to expand her musical tastes and will listen to just about anything at least once. Road trips, traveling in general and camping are fun times. Tea, fruits, vegetables, desserts and adorable animals make her incredibly happy, and she sleeps far more than she would like. It’s kind of a problem.