The Gamma Tau chapter of Psi Upsilon

Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship

Forrest Bengtson



Major and Graduation Year:

CS, 2017

About Me:

I love strategy, reading, and sports. All sports. Especially E-sports. I am *slightly fanatical about all things E-sports. My favorite E-sport is Starcraft II but I also enjoy League of Legends and Dota II.

What is your quest?

To make a device that allows you to cram a full-night’s rest into 1 hour. Because then there would be seven more hours in a day.

Who is your arch-nemesis?

Colossi, Banelings, and High Templar. Because splash damage is powerful.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse: a) Weapon? b) Location? c) Music? d) Time?

a. Terminator: because robots >> zombies

Far away from myself

c. Pacific Rim theme.

d. Later. Much, Much Later

Favorite Quote:

“There’s always a bigger fish”- Qui-gon Jin, The Phantom Menace