The Gamma Tau chapter of Psi Upsilon

Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship

Clay Anderson


Computer Science

Graduation year:


About me:

I’m a big fan of the vidya gaems and The Beatles. Quite often, you can find me chilling with dudes at the house as a means of procrastination. Charles is my Battle Buddy. Also, David Poore (’11) is awesome.

A monk approaches with an ax. He says, “If you say a word I will cut off your head; and if you do not say a word, I will also cut off your head.” What do you do?

Say the word, and you’ll be free.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse: a) Weapon? b) Location? c) Music? d) Time?

a) .44 Magnum Revolver
b) Chattanooga, TN
c) “The End” (The Beatles)
d) Any Time At All