The Gamma Tau chapter of Psi Upsilon

Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship

Alexander Taleb


Flightsim, Hair Force One


Aerospace Engineering

Graduation year:


About me:

I like heavy metal and space.

A monk approaches with an ax. He says, “If you say a word I will cut off your head; and if you do not say a word, I will also cut off your head.” What do you do?

Probably invite him to a game of Apples to Apples.

Favorite dumb joke:

…and that’s why they call it the Cape of Good Hope!

Would you rather own a magical penny or have a nose that was able to lift-off like a jet pack after every sneeze?

A magic penny. I already have a nose jet pack.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse: a) Weapon? b) Location? c) Music? d) Time?

Weapon: Guitar sword. A doubleneck guitar sword.
Location: Out of the Silent Planet
Music: Misty Mountain Hop
Time: is relative.